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    Frequently asked questions?

    You can also find information on my terms and conditions page.

    I specialise in working with adults who are new or returning to exercise or wanting to improve their pain, stiffness or weakness following an injury or health condition, or who want to recovery function following initial post surgical rehab, medical treatment, consultant diagnosis of chronic/persistent pain or hypermobility.

    I aim to help you prevent future problems, and recover and develop your physical and mental health, fitness, and performance to lead a fulfilling and more active work and/or personal life.

    I will see patients age 16+ years, but those under 18 years old must be booked for and accompanied by a parent or guardian.

    Take a look at my other questions here, or read my physiocoachingonline physioonline coaching or sport massage pages for more details and bookings. See terms and conditions for all service related information.

    Please note that I do not offer acupuncture, laser, shockwave or other gadget based treatments, as I do not think they are necessary in the vast majority of cases. However, I do have links to other therapists who can provide these if I think they would be helpful, but the need for this is extremely rare.

    No. As a chartered physiotherapist I am clinically qualified to a high standard, have adequate professional registrations and insurances. Therefore I do not require GP’s, doctors, or other medical professional’s approval or referral to see you for my range of services (excluding some groups/classes). If you are hoping to claim money back from a health insurance or cash plan provider, please check with them before booking as some may request you see your GP first. See my other FAQs, service pages, or terms and conditions for more information.

    Please check with your insurance provider if you can pay for my services and claim the money back, in the same way cash plans works. Health cash plans allow you to go to your preferred clinic asap with no prior approval, pay for services yourself initially, then claim back all/part of the cost up to the annual amount specified by your provider.

    A lot of employers offer cash plans for their employees, so please check if you already have access to this financial support. As far as I know, health insurance and cash plans are likely to cover physio (face to face and online) but may also cover coaching (face to face and online) and sports massage sessions related to treating or preventing a health condition. It is best to check with your provider before booking. Examples of some cash plan providers I know of include:  Simply HealthUK HealthcareBHSFBUPAWestfield HealthHealthshieldOrchard HealthcareSovereign Healthcare. See my other FAQs, service pages, or terms and conditions for more information.

    Please follow me on social media (FacebookYoutube Instagram or LinkedIn) and my health and fitness blog page to see expert tips and services updates.

    I could also deliver workshops or presentations for your running club or sports team on various topics. Please get in contact if you are interested. I will not add you to any mailing lists, or send spam emails. See my other FAQs, service pages, or terms and conditions for more information.

    My physiotherapy services (face to face or online) would focus on supporting you to overcome and/or prevent pain, stiffness and weakness through thorough assessment and treatment of an injury or illness and its underlying/root causes or risk factors.

    My coaching services (face to face or online) would focus on analysing and optimising your goal setting, lifestyle and efforts to improve your fitness, general health and wellbeing, or sports specific conditioning. We could also focus preventing the risk of injury/illness or giving up due to doing the wrong things for your individual needs.

    My sport massage services include a brief screening assessment, followed by personalised massage to suit your needs and preferences (if clinically appropriate).

    However, in reality, your selection lets me know what you would like the main focus of the session to be, but I will still offer and combine all three approaches if I believe it would be of additional benefit to you, and offer the very best service I can. This is one of the key differences between working with me compared to almost all other clinics, I could save you the time, confusion and added cost of seeing 3 separate people to get the mix of treatment/support you need.

    See my other FAQs, service pages, or terms and conditions for more information.

    A lot of physio and coaching is about detailed/skilled question and answer, movement assessment, exercise, advice, and planning. As a highly knowledgeable and experienced professional, I am very familiar with the patterns for many problems, and therefore less reliant on hands on assessments to achieve all these aspects to a high standard. If I believed that face to face sessions (with me or elsewhere) would be the best route for you, I would be honest about it, explain why and give recommendations so you got the right treatment for your needs.

    Manual therapy, taping and some assessments cannot be completed directly over video, however we can often find ways around this, to keep you making progress and stay safe. Otherwise online services are very similar to face to face physio or coaching and many like the improved convenience, reduced session price (due to less overheads for me) on top of less time and money on travel etc.

    See my other FAQs, service pages, or terms and conditions for more information.

    Online physio or coaching appointments will be completed via Zoom video calls. After booking your appointment, you will be given full instructions of how to prepare for the session, and it is really quick and simple so please don’t worry. On the day, you will be emailed a link to take you directly to “join a Zoom meeting” with me.

    See my other FAQs, service pages, or terms and conditions for more information.

    I help those with injuries or persistent health conditions that can cause pain, stiffness or weakness and affect your physical health and function, such as:

    Mild to moderate strokes, brain and neurological problems, obesity, arthritis, and chronic pain or fatigue. hypermobility, back pain, sports injuries, strains (muscle), sprains (ligament), tendon problems (tendinopathies), cartilage tears and osteoarthritis. Arm pain relating to issues such as “frozen shoulder”, “impingement” or subacromial pain, “scapula dyskinesis” or winging, instability, rotator cuff tears or degeneration, tennis or golfers elbow. Hip, knee, ankle, foot and leg pain relating to issues such as hamstring, glute, hip flexor, adductor, calf and achilles tightness, running injuries, tears or tendon problems, joint osteoarthritis and plantar fasciitis. “Trapped nerve” problems like sciatica or brachialgia, post surgical rehab, spinal problems such as neck and back injuries, “slipped discs” and osteoarthritis.

    See my other FAQs, service pages, or terms and conditions for more information.

    To “lose weight the right way” (or more accurately speaking, lose body fat while maintaining or building muscle, bone density, and general health), “get fit”, have an “expert professional oversee your training” whether that be monthly check ins and re-assessments to keep you on track, regular sessions together like personal training, or to support your work with other trainers or coaches. My services are flexible to meet your needs.

    See my other FAQs, service pages, or terms and conditions for more information.

    For all my services, please gather all relevant information (including medical history), wear clothing that maintains your dignity but allows me to see the affected areas, and doesn’t restrict your movement (e.g. underwear, t-shirt/vest and shorts). You are welcome to bring a chaperone, and those under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

    For online appointments, you may want something to make notes with, a quiet space, a smart device with built in or external camera and microphone that you can position for so I can see you effectively, and a good internet connection (consider the security of your chosen network). If we encounter connection problems, I will call you to continue via telephone.

    For face to face appointments, you may wish to bring a towel to cover up during massage/manual therapy (if required). All relevant information will be sent to you via your booking confirmation email.

    See my other FAQs, service pages, or terms and conditions for more information.

    There is some overlap between each of my services, however each session is tailored to your individual needs and preferences. We will talk about your current health complaint or goals, your medical history and lifestyle.

    This will be followed by a physical examination which may include any of the following as appropriate: observations (e.g. posture and biomechanics), palpation, joint, muscle, nerve, function, movement, activity/performance specific and clinical cardio-respiratory testing. Your weight, height, body composition and fat percentage, body mass index, and tape measurements may also be taken. Some assessments will not be possible via online video call appointments.

    I will always explain what I believe to be the nature of your problem and potential causes, or your needs to achieve your goals, and we will agree on a plan.

    See my other FAQs, service pages, or terms and conditions for more information.

    All available facilities are available to use during our face to face physio or coaching appointments.

    You may also wish to take up a gym membership to support your rehab or training efforts between our sessions.

    See my other FAQs, service pages, or terms and conditions for more information.

    I can provide video summaries (using your smart phone camera or Zoom and email to you, with your permission) recorded during physio or coaching appointments. I find these the most useful and personalised way to help you get the most from your efforts between our sessions. I also tend to provide a written summary and and exercise programme after face to face appointments.

    See my other FAQs, service pages, or terms and conditions for more information.

    This will depend on your needs, involvement, commitment, and expectations. I will give my recommendations following our initial assessment, and we will agree on what would work best for you. The minimum can be a one off assessment or re-assessment to identify problems/goals and point you in the right direction.

    The most common scenario, particularly for physiotherapy, is 3-6 sessions in total spread out weekly, fortnightly, or monthly (as appropriate) until you are happy to be discharged, or you may want to continue working with me through coaching, to maintain your results or progress further and achieve new goals.

    Some of you may want to be seen multiple times a week for various services, similar to how someone may see a massage therapist, chiropractor or personal trainer. The benefit here is you can receive a personalised combination of such services all from one professional (me), saving you time, money and repetition. However it is very rare that this is appropriate or something I advise, and I will never put any pressure on you to buy packages of sessions.

    You can trust that I will only see you regularly like this if I believe you would truly benefit from it, as I am not a person who would knowingly waste people’s time or money for my own financial gain.

    See my other FAQs, service pages, or terms and conditions for more information.

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